why this?

Why did I decide to launch this thing?! Could have kept plodding along, but, nope, I had to do it! Here's why. 

17 years ago I launched a kids magazine that was 'unthinkable': no toys on the cover, gender-neutral and that lasts more than a week! Through thick and thin, we are still not only publishing it but also helping to launch the careers of many illustrators as well as inspiring the next generation with creativity.

At the same time, I stepped into an industry where I was often the only one of two females in a room of 30 and definitely the only Mum. I took the only role that I felt was available as a working Mum: a freelance producer. Times have changed, you'll say and yes they have. But, for who? 

I look around the advertising industry now, and I see some progress made, but there is a new trend that has crept in: the same pool of talent is used over and over again. At the same time, arts education is being de-prioritised in the curriculum or left to the ones who can afford it. Yep, depressing. 

So, humbly, antonia&louise's raison d'être is to give emerging artists (or those who gave up half way) access to the commercial world, and inspire Art Directors to look beyond their established roster.

That way, we can lift those who dream of living off their creativity and we can deliver fresh and 'unthinkable' ideas.

Cathy x

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